An Active Worlds world is made up of cells. Like plant and animal cells, or bee honeycombs, cells are a way to split up the world into more manageable chunks/divisions/modules/parts/pieces/sections.

  • cell: 10m x "full vertical" x 10m
  • full vertical: -327.67m to +327.67m (655.34m); current building depth/height (hopefully this will be increased in the future, considering you can move beyond these limits from -350m to +2000m)

In other words, a cell is 10 meters wide by the full vertical height of a world by 10 meters deep.

So a 400m x 400m world would have 1,600 cells. AlphaWorld has 4,290,250,000 cells.

Although cells aren't perfect cubes or two-dimensional, they should probably be called columns, but "cell" is the common term. Hopefully Active Worlds will use 10m x 10m x 10m (10m³) cells someday.

Note: each cell is one (1) coordinate in Active Worlds.