Note: this wiki is no longer actively maintained. Refer to the official Active Worlds wiki instead.

Active Worlds Wiki

Welcome to the Active Worlds (AW) Wiki!

Did You Know?

  • Active Worlds is the longest-running virtual world environment? AW was 11 years old on June 28, 2006!
  • "Worlds" were originally called "communities".


So far this wiki is just starting. Feel free to jump in and start making new articles!

  • Anywhere you see a red link (or like this?), you can create a new article. Why not start with a wanted page or stub?
  • To link to an article (even if it doesn't exist yet), write it like this: [[article name]]. It is case-sensitive. To display different text for a link, do this: [[article name|description]].
  • To experiment with editing, go to the sandbox. See the MediaWiki Users' Handbook for more information.
  • You can edit any page by clicking the "edit" tab at the top (or "Edit" link on the left, depending on the website stylesheet), or the "Edit" link on the right of a section's name. Edit something if you think it could do with more information, or if there's an error in the article. You can also see how the wiki features work by editing existing pages. Just make sure you don't save without meaning to.
  • Please remember to click "Show preview" before saving.
  • If vandalism to an article occurs that is not simple enough for you to manually remove it, you can revert back to a previous edit of the page by clicking on the "History" tab at the top, clicking on the date and time of the last good version and, on that page, click on the edit tab and click "Save page".